Model: F-121EP Mini ePedal

• Alloy frame

• Front Suspension Fork

• Rear Shock Absorber

• Dual Disc Brakes

• Braking levers with Power Switch and Return Spring

• Power and Speed Indicator

• 12” Alloy wheels with Pneumatic tires and tubes

• Alloy Crankset 52T x 170mm with chain guard

• Head light and rear light including braking lights

• 7 Speeds by Shimano Deraileur and Shifter

• Capacity :100KGS

• Weight :20(8.7Ah)KGS/21(11.6Ah)KGS

F-121EP  Mini ePedal

A mini bike equipped with both motor and pedals it is! You can pedal it as a sport at leisure time or switch to speed it up in seconds by electricity when you need. Its elegant and compact design allows to be kept in the house or office easily, and there's no need to fold or unfold, Mini ePedal is always ready to go.

The powerful electric system made by 48V 350W front drive and lithium battery with large capacity enables Mini ePedal to run through both cities and suburbs, and even climb on a hill effortlessly. 

More significant features are safety and excellent performance provided by the lithium battery composed of superior Panasonic cells which are one by one well organized in the specific aluminum housing instead of simple shrinking before housing.


Technical Specifications:

Motor, Front drive : 48V 350W Brushless

Climbing : 18º

Lithium Battery : 

        48V 8.7A

       (Recharging Time  : 4-4.5 hours)

Lithium Battery : (Panasonic cells)

       48V 11.6A for option

      (Recharging Time : 6-7 hours)

Max.Speed : 20KM/H

Max. Capacity : 90KGS

Range 42KM – 8.7A

Range 57KM – 11.6A

Sizes : 1000mm(L)x540mm(W)x880mm(H)

Weight : 20/21KGS


*Range will vary with rider's weight, wind direction, tire pressure, road surface, uphill or downhill.

The data listed is based on 72kgs rider, flat road , no wind at good weather and without any assistance of pedalling. No doubt to pedal it will make the range even longer.

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