TR-07E LIBRE III (Basket & Arm)

TR-07E LIBRE III (Basket & Arm)

TR-07EAH LIBRE III (Basket & Arm)

1. Aluminum alloy frame

2. Removable long-lasting lithium battery pack (Panasonic) 24V14A

3. Off-board Charger 29.4V 2.5A

4. Travel range 18KM per charge

5. 24V 250W DC brush motor with transaxle and differential gear box

6. Automatic electronic magnetic Brake

7. Speed: 6.0/4.5/3.0/1.0 kph

8. Auto speed control for driving down incline.

9. LED headlight, Safety Horn and Taillight

10. Slope grade ability: 8 degrees

11. Turning radius 150cm

12. Wheel type: 

Plastic hub with 8” solid PU tire (TR-07E)

Aluminum hub with 8” solid PU foam-filled tire (TR-07EAH)

13. Comfortable, foldable and removable seat

14. Foldable arm rest

15. Detachable basket

16. Heaviest part: 13.5 kgs

17. Total weight: 20.8kgs

18. Colors: Red, Blue, Bronze, Black

19. Capacity: 120kgs

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